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How Can you Make Sure Your Furnace is Efficient?

Published by Steven Weiland

How is your heating system holding up so far? If you feel that it is not giving you sufficient heat or is working inefficiently, your initial instinct may be to replace the thermostat. However; the thermostat is not likely the source of the issue. Before getting a new thermostat or entirely new heating system, try these three tips to improve your furnace efficiency.

1. Clean/replace filters. The way your heating works is that the hot air is pushed through ducts into your home. With dirty or clogged filters, less air is able to get through, making the system work harder to keep your home warm. Change, or at least inspect, your filters every six to eight weeks. If you don’t want to buy new filters each time, there are certain kinds that you can wash and reuse.

2. Regular maintenance. This is something most homeowners overlook, but can make a big difference in the way your system functions, as well as its lifespan. Not only will maintenance benefit you by keeping your home warm and comfortable, but it is also required by most manufacturers to maintain your warranty. An experienced HVAC technician should come to your home and perform the maintenance for you.

3. Insulation. Insulation is meant to block out outdoor air while keeping warm air inside. Proper home insulation will keep your home warm and lower energy costs. Insulation is measured by its density, or R-value. As your home gets older, the R-value will decrease; this is a normal process.

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