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Heating System Maintenance

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No matter what type of heating system you have, proper maintenance is essential to keep it running smoothly and safely. Furthermore, a well-maintained heating system will require fewer repairs and run more efficiently than one that is neglected—saving you money.

Seasonal Maintenance Check-Up

There are a few basic varieties of heating systems, with many variations, depending on the application. A warehouse style commercial building may have a forced air heating system that is very similar to a residential one; however, it will be much larger and configured specifically to meet the substantial heating requirements of a large, open space.

In addition to forced air, typical heating systems include hot water radiant heat, steam radiant heat, and the newer hydronic and geothermal models. Each of these requires varying degrees of seasonal maintenance. No matter what type of system you have, a typical maintenance check-up should always include:

  • Checking the Thermostat Settings—ensuring the heating/cooling system is properly adjusted to keep you comfortable when you are home and save you money while you are away.
  • Tightening all Electrical Connections—and measuring the voltage and current on the motor(s). Faulty electrical connections are unsafe and can shorten the life of major system components.
  • Checking the System Controls—ensuring proper operation. Cycling the system to ensure that it starts, runs, and shuts off correctly.
  • Inspection of all Gas (or Oil) Connections, Gas Pressure Testing—faulty gas connections are a dangerous fire hazard and can cause health issues.
  • Examination of the Burner and Heat Exchanger—A crack in the heat exchanger or dirty burner can cause the unit to operate incorrectly and less efficiently. This is also a significant safety hazard.
  • Lubrication of all Moving Parts—Motor parts that lack lubrication produce excess friction, using more electricity and shortening the life of the motor.

The check-up will also include cleaning or changing the filter(s). The technician will show you how to do this yourself, as the filter should be renewed monthly to provide optimum performance.

In Conclusion

Regular inspection and maintenance of your heating/cooling system will ensure peak performance and trouble-free operation. You probably wouldn’t think of driving your car without getting an oil change or having the brakes inspected every 100,000 miles. However, you may not realize that skipping annual maintenance check-ups for your heating system can be every bit as costly and dangerous as it would be to ignore your vehicle’s needs.

For the best service in the industry, you can count on the professional team at Heatmasters. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to make sure your heating system is ready to keep you and your family warm and comfortable all winter long. Furthermore, we have earned a reputation for honesty and integrity that is simply unmatched, and we always strive to exceed our clients’ expectations. Give us a call and book your appointment today.

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