Heating Myths & Misconceptions
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Heating Myths & Misconceptions

Published by Steven Weiland

As the cool weather approaches, homes and businesses everyone are beginning to wonder when its time to start turning on the heat. Many people put this off until the last minute or try out other tips and strategies to stay warm without the heat to save money on their energy bill, but do these money-saving techniques actually work? Here are a few heating myths that aren’t quite as helpful as you may think.

Cranking the heat will make your home or business warm up faster

If you’re cold, the first thing you want to do is warm up. Many impatient people believe that cranking up the temperature on the thermostat will make your home heat up faster, however this is not the case. When it does heat up, it will heat for longer periods of time and if you forget to turn it down, you will soon be too hot rather than too cold.

Its cheaper to run space heaters than turn on the heating system

To try and save money on their energy bill, some people believe its more cost efficient to use space heaters than to turn on their heating system. However, paying for electricity is typically much more expensive than paying for gas. This way you are only heating a few rooms in your home for the same cost as turning on the heat for your entire home.

Ceiling fans are only for summer

Many homeowners use their ceiling fans as a way to cool off when they come inside from the hot outdoors in summer, but don’t think to use them in winter. If you turn your fan on so it rotates in a clockwise direction, it will keep warm air from rising and make your home feel warm throughout without increasing the temperature on the thermostat.

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