Heating Hazards | Tips for Home Heating Fire Prevention
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Heating Hazards

Published by Steven Weiland

Your heating system and space heaters bring you comfort in your home in the winter when you need it most. However, if not properly used or maintained, they can present a fire hazard.

Approximately 7,500 residential fires occurred in 2011 from central heating systems. The leading cause is mechanical failure in the system or a malfunction. The most important step to take to prevent a fire is to have your system inspected and maintained once a year by a professional heating contractor. A skilled technician can diagnose potential problems, recommend preventative measures and make the necessary repairs to keep your heater going strong all winter long.

Space heaters, while they may seem harmless, can also be hazardous. In 2011, space heater fires caused 320 deaths and $423 million in property damage. Here are some tips to prevent fires from bringing tragedy into your home:

  • Keep three feet around the heater clear.
  • Never leave the space heater on when no one is around, and do not keep it on while sleeping.
  • Make sure the heater is properly vented.
  • Only use the space heater on a flat and solid surface.
  • Do not use an extension cord to power the heater.

If you have any questions about home heating fire prevention, or want to schedule a maintenance appointment for your heating system, call Heatmasters today at 1-800-HEATING.

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