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Heat Up Your Home While Saving on Energy Bills

Published by Steven Weiland

Is your heat constantly on during the winter? Why not make it a New Year’s resolution to save energy in 2014? There are many ways you can keep your home warm and toasty while saving energy.

Natural heat. Take advantage of the sun! Open curtains on windows facing south during the day to allow sunlight to heat your home – just remember to close them at night to reduce the chill from the cold windows.

Cover drafty windows. Using a clear plastic sheet or film, cover the inside of windows during the cold season. You can also install insulating drapes or shades or other kinds of window treatments that improve energy efficiency.

Adjust the thermostat. Set your thermostat as low as is comfortable when you are awake at home. When you leave or are sleeping, turn your thermostat back at least ten degrees for eight hours. This can save you around 10% a year on heating and cooling bills. Programmable thermostats make this easier.

Seal air leaks. Look for any air leaks around electrical outlets, door and window frames, baseboards, weather stripping and other gaps or spaces. Seal any leaks with caulk or weatherstripping.

Maintain your heating system. Schedule regular maintenance for your heating system, and ask your contractor what is required to keep the system operating efficiently. Remember to replace your furnace filter as needed, generally around once a month.


Courtesy of Energy.gov

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