Generators – Whole House

When homeowners need whole-house generators in Chicago, Heatmasters has a wide range of solutions to keep you well within your budget. Having a reliable source of backup power is something no household should be without, and for over 60 years our team of HVAC experts has been helping Chicago residents choose the generator that best suits their needs.

Why have a backup generator?

If you’ve been thinking that the frequency of power outages has been more and more frequent, we can assure you that you’re not imagining things. As the population grows and electricity usage continues to escalate, losing power is something that every homeowner will inevitable have to deal with at some point. In the most severe or extreme cases, it is not uncommon to go without electricity for well over a week or more.

It only takes one storm of flood to send you back to the Dark Ages. A whole house generator protects you and your loved ones against unexpected power outages, resulting from storms, flooding, forced shut downs, electrical grid overload, EMP activity, solar flares, and more.

Honeywell Generators for Whole House Protection

When reliability and performance are of the utmost importance, Honeywell whole-house generators continue to be the top choice among Chicago homeowners. At Heatmasters HVAC, we’re known for being one of the leading installers of Honeywell generators, and have a diverse selection of models to meet your entire home’s emergency power needs.

Automatic Backup Protection

When you lose power during a storm or other catastrophe, the last thing you want to worry about is having to go outside and tinker with your generator. With a Honeywell automatic backup generator, you’ll never have to stress over restoring power again. At the initial sign of an power outage, your new generator will detect lost power and start-up automatically.

Quiet Operation

They may be the among the most powerful residential generators on the market, but you’ll never find yourself complaining about the noise. Honeywell generators utilize the most advanced technology and automotive-inspired engines operating at 1800 RPMs, allowing them to deliver workhorse performance without letting the entire neighborhood know.

Weekly Self-Test

To ensure 24/7 protection and seamless operation, Honeywell whole-home generators perform a weekly test of all vital functions in WhisperCheck™ mode. When the time comes to rely on backup power, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing your family is protected and ready for anything.

Convenient Remote Monitoring

The storm may be raging outside, but with Honeywell’s leading edge monitoring technology built into every unit, you’ll be able to see real-time performance of your backup generator, without ever having to step outside.

Integrated Natural Gas Usage

If you’re not comfortable storing diesel fuel at home, Honeywell generators provide the optimal solution. By operating directly off your home’s natural gas supply, you will never have to worry about the fumes, fuel shortages, or potential hazards of conventional diesel generators.

Durable Design & Exterior

Honeywell whole house generators boast a nearly impenetrable design, to keep your unit protected against even the harshest conditions. Solid aluminum enclosures and their patented RhinoCoat™ finish offers exceptional protection, ideal for harsh and unpredictable Chicago weather.

When it comes to keeping your home protected against blackouts, power surges and storm-related outages, call the HVAC company that’s been keeping Chicago running for over 60 years. Call Heatmasters today at 773-777-5700 for a free quote or to schedule an appointment.

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