Stay Warm & Cozy this Fall and Winter with these HVAC Tips!
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Fall HVAC Tips

Published by Steven Weiland

Ready or not, here comes fall. In the Midwest we know how important it is to have a properly functioning heater during chilly fall and winter days. Scheduling professional maintenance is essential in keeping your heating system in good condition. Check everything off this list, and you will have a warm and cozy fall and winter season!

  1. Check filters monthly, especially in times of high usage. Your system will run inefficiently and raise energy costs if your filters are dirty. Over time, dust and dirt trapped in the system may also lead to expensive repairs.
  2. Check ductwork for cracks or loose seams – this is where heated air can escape. Seal seams and other connections with metal-backed or duct sealant tape. You can also keep ducts leak-free by wrapping ductwork with insulation – and speaking of insulation, you can save energy in both winter and summer with proper wall and ceiling insulation.
  3. Check your condensor for grass, weeds or vines that may have grown up around it; they can obstruct air flow. Remove leaves and other debris as well. Clean the exterior of the condensor to remove dirt using a dry, soft brush. Be careful when brushing the fins, they are lightweight and damage easily. Don’t use a hose to clean the condensor, because it can turn dirt to mud which gets packed between fins.
  4. The concrete pad where your condensor rests should be level. If it isn’t, pry it up slightly and fill underneath with gravel.

These quick and easy steps will assure you live comfortably and save money this fall and winter!



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