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Fall Furnace Inspection

Published by Steven Weiland

We hate to say it, but fall is on its way. In Chicago, this may been several weeks left of running your air conditioner, but could also mean your furnace will make an appearance. A clean, fully-functioning heater will save you money on energy bills and future repairs. An annual inspection and tune-up will ensure you get the most out of your furnace this fall and winter. Here are the steps your HVAC specialist will take in your furnace inspection:

  1. Turn off the electrical power and fuel supply in the system.
  2. Clean the combustion chamber – built-up soot can corrode the chamber walls.
  3. Inspect flue pipe for holes, and patch any if found.
  4. Replace the oil filter if your system uses one.
  5. Replace the air filter – you should never let your air filter go for more than a year.
  6. Test and adjust the burner – this helps your furnace’s efficiency.
  7. Vacuum ducts in floor vents.

We do not recommend trying these things yourselves, as your heating system is complex. As professional contractors, we have the experience and equipment to do the inspection properly and to make sure you furnace will be working at its best this fall and winter (although we hope they don’t come too soon!).


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