Energy-Saving New Year's Resolutions
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Energy-Saving New Year’s Resolutions

Published by Steven Weiland

It’s almost 2016! What are your goals for the new year? An easy but helpful New Year’s resolution is to lower your energy use at home. How? Keep reading!

  1. Use more power strips: Did you know that plugged-in appliances still use energy when they are turned off or not being used? Rather than unplugging everything several times a day, plug everything into a power strip, and turn the strip off when not in use.
  2. Turn off your lights: It’s common sense, but many people leave unnecessary lights on in their homes. When you leave a room, turn the light off – it can make a significant difference!
  3. Use your ceiling fan: As we have mentioned before, ceiling fans actually push air, whether it be cool or hot, downward. It will keep you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, saving your HVAC system some work.
  4. Check out your ductwork: If your ductwork is looking a bit out of shape with holes or loose connections, you could be losing the air your HVAC system is cranking out.
  5. Wash full loads: Dishwashers and washing machines use heated water, so using them as little as possible saves money. Wait until they are full to run.
  6. Get a programmable thermostat: By setting a specific temperature on your programmable thermostat, your heating and cooling system will only run when necessary.
  7. Keep windows and doors closed: When your HVAC system is running, do not open exterior doors or windows. This allows the heated or cooled air (depending on the season) to escape out of the home, meaning the system has to work harder and run longer.

Here’s to an enjoyable, energy-saving 2016! Happy New Year!


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