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Energy Efficient Thermostats

Published by Steven Weiland

Heatmasters is always looking to expand our knowledge on innovative ways to help you improve energy efficiency and save money on monthly utilities. We work to be environmental stewards and aim to impart this commitment we have taken on to help you get the most efficient and cost-effective HVAC system that fits your lifestyle and home.

We look to help our customers as well as the planet, ranging from providing information on easy-to-implement energy saving solutions to installing and adjusting your HVAC systems to maximize energy efficiency. Energy efficient thermostats is one way Heatmasters has explored being green. Schedule a free consultation and estimate today to learn more about making your home more environmentally friendly.

The Nest

The Nest is a thermostat that after a week of use is able to learn your habits and creates a program based off of them to meet your energy needs in the most efficient way possible. You can control it from your smartphone or Web browser, even when you are not there. Aside from monitoring and adjusting the temperature in your home, it also measures ambient light, humidity and motion using the information to make the most energy efficient program for your home.

If you are not home, it will adjust accordingly, even if it is not on the standard program. If you have multiple Nests if your home, they communicate through WiFi and coordinate schedules based on the different parts of your house. Also, if you prefer to set the Nest’s schedule yourself you can pause the learning mode and set your own program.

Smart Thermostat from Ecobee

The Smart Thermostat is similar to the Nest in terms of how it works, you can control it from your smartphone or Web browser. The touch screen interface includes programming functions, an energy conservation mode and five-day weather forecasts. A major difference between the two systems is the Smart Thermostat has a two part installation, part one where it is connected directly to your furnace, humidifier, dehumidifier, ventilator and any other environmental control units in your home and then the thermostat itself. Both the Smart Thermostat and the Nest are highly recommended and help conserve energy with their program functionality.

Homewerks Radio Wireless Thermostat with WiFi

Homewerks Radio Wireless Thermostat with WiFi work similarly to the two above in a sense that you can control the thermostat from your smartphone, you can adjust the temperature from anywhere—on your drive home so you return to a toasty house in the winter or cool one in the summer, or turn your HVAC systems off to save money while you are not there. It has a seven-day program mode and a fan-only mode, offers two stages of both warming and cooling all of which you can adjust as necessary. The major difference between Homewerks and the two above is it is much more cost-efficient than the other two.

According to the government’s Energy Star program, homes that use a programmable thermostat can save around $180 a year on their energy bill. Heatmasters wants to provide the most energy efficient solutions to your home and save you money. Contact one of our comfort consultants today for a free consultation and estimate today and to get more information on how to go green in your home.

Courtesy of: USA Today

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