Do Not Expect a Smooth Run Every Year If You Don't Clean Your Air Conditioner
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Do Not Expect a Smooth Run Every Year If You Do Not Clean Your Air Conditioner.

Published by Steven Weiland

Do Not Expect a Smooth Run Every Year If You Do Not Clean Your Air Conditioner.
HVAC plays a bigger role in all of our lives than you may think. That is why HVAC certification is so important. Think about it. When you go into a building and feel how comfortably cool it is because of the AC, do you ever wonder why that is? Because someone with HVAC certification has made sure that the central air system is running smoothly and efficiently. That is why.

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. The main purpose of HVAC is to help maintain good indoor air quality utilizing ventilation, and to provide comfort through thermal manipulation. It is absolutely crucial to make sure that these systems are kept in working order, because otherwise people get uncomfortable. And cranky. To make sure that HVAC systems are kept in working order, a technician with HVAC certification makes sure that they are inspected and cleaned before each heating and cooling season. This ensures that they run at the topmost efficiency, without placing any undue strain upon the unit. This helps them to last longer, and to not die in the middle of the season, right when you need them most.

Heating and cooling systems owe much to their historic counterparts. All the way back in 1947, the British scholar named S.F. Markham wrote “The greatest contribution to civilization in this century may well be air conditioning. And America leads the way.”

And central heat is based upon the design of the original radiator. The radiator was invented in the 1850s, by a Polish born Russian businessman living in St. Petersburg, named Franz San Galli. Thanks S.F. and Franz, for your contributions to making me comfortable.

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