3 Ways Your Pets Affect Your HVAC System
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Dear Pet Owners: 3 Ways Your Pets Affect Your HVAC System

Published by Steven Weiland

Dear Pet Owners,

We know that if you’re like us, your pet is more than a dog or a cat—they are a family member. Pets affect your life in a lot of different ways, including ways you might not even realize. One such way a pet can affect your life and home is that they can do a number on your HVAC system. What do we mean? Below are some of the most common issues that pets can cause with your HVAC system.


Unless you’re lucky enough to have some sort of hypoallergenic miracle dog, you’re likely to have a pet that sheds. Sure this can be annoying to clean up off the floor and the furniture and even your clothes. But the real damage is being done to your HVAC system. Loose hairs clog up your ventilation and filters, and that can be a huge hazard. Make sure to regularly groom and bathe your pet to minimize the amount of shedding taking place.

Bringing the Outdoors In

When you bring your pets inside, they bring the outdoors with them. Dirt and dust and twigs and debris that get stuck in your pet’s coat while they’re outside, and once they come inside, all of it can get dragged into your vents. Like their hair, this can clog up the air filters and block the vents. It’s important to thoroughly clean your pet each time they come in the door. Also keep up on maintaining your vents and filters.

Marking Their Territory

We all know how dogs mark their territory—and this can spell disaster for your outdoor A/C unit. If you have an outdoor condenser that your pet keeps urinating on, it can cause the coils to degrade over time. Consider putting up small fence around the A/C unit to keep the puppies away.

Even if you take all of these measures, your pet may still have some effect on your HVAC system. They may claw or chew on wiring, they may dig away at your outdoor unit, or their dander may decrease your indoor air quality. Getting your HVAC system periodically maintained by a professional can help reverse the effects of your pet and stop big problems from happening.

Heatmasters can help you keep your HVAC system in tip-top shape regardless of whether you have pets or not! Give us a call today!

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