Cool Your Home in An Eco-Friendly Way
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Cool Your Home the Eco-Friendly Way

Published by Steven Weiland

Now that summer temperatures are here in full force, you’re probably relying more and more on your air conditioner to keep you and your family comfortable. Sometimes, the air conditioner is necessary if temperatures are unbearable. But for those days where you aren’t sure whether or not to turn your AC on, consider using some of the following tips from our Chicago HVAC contractor!

Turn Ceiling Fans Counter-Clockwise

Check your ceiling fans and see which direction they are turning. Switching your fan to run counter-clockwise will cool your home down the fastest. Here’s an extra tip: in the winter, make sure your fan is running clockwise on a low speed to evenly distribute heat.

Place Fans in Front of Windows

If you don’t have a ceiling fan, our Chicago HVAC contractor recommends placing a fan in front of a window on those uncomfortably hot days. This way, the air from the outside will be channeled through a fan. For an extra cold touch, fill a shallow bowl with ice or cold water and place it in front of the fan. Believe it or not, this small trick will make a big difference in distributing cool air throughout your home!

Switch to Lyocell Sheets

If you haven’t heard of lyocell fibers, they are used in both sheets and pillowcases. They are made from wood pulp and are eco-friendly and perfect for summer! Buckwheat and rice pillows are also great to use in the summer because they are naturally cooling and don’t hold onto your body heat.

If you have other eco-friendly ways to cool your home, let us know! Contact our Chicago HVAC contractor with any further questions or concerns.

Source: House Tipster

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