Common Heating Repair During the Winter
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Common Heating Repair During the Winter

Published by Steven Weiland

The brisk winter months can take a toll on your heater. Unfortunately, it is likely to experience some heating problems at some point during the snowy season. The good news is our Heatmasters professionals know how to handle these most common issues in order to keep your home cozy and warm.

Pilot Light

Gas burning furnaces have a pilot light that ignites the fuel in order to warm the air. A damaged pilot light is not only a fire hazard but can cause your entire system to shut down. Your pilot light should always be blue, but if your light is yellow or off, call for heating repair in Chicago as soon as possible.

Clogged Air Ducts

Over time the air ducts in your system collect dust and debris. Dirty air ducts can slowly wear down your machine until it completely shuts down. In addition, the dirty air circulates around your house. Ew! It’s best to have your air ducts cleaned by a professional to avoid damage.

Broken Thermostat

A faulty thermostat can drive your heating bill way up! If you notice your furnace cycling more than usual or you feel the temperature fluctuate without you changing it, you may have an outdated thermostat. We recommend you upgrade to a smart thermostat that allows you to adjust the temperature with ease.

Whether you have an electric or gas heater, Heatmasters can help you with all heating repairs in Chicago! Call 773.777.5700 or visit us online to schedule an appointment.

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