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Avoid Heat AND Humidity in Your Home

Published by Steven Weiland

Did you feel the humidity the past few days? When you are out and about on humid days, it is nice to return to a nice dry, cool home. But what if your air conditioning unit isn’t dehumidifying properly? Part of its normal operation is to dehumidify the air, and if you feel that it is not performing up to par, your air conditioning system may have an operational problem.

Some of the possible causes of an A/C that is not dehumidifying:

Inadequate Refrigerant Charge

The charge refers to the level of refrigerant that circulates through the unit’s compressor pump, evaporator and condenser. Your A/C system must have the correct amount of refrigerant at all times. If the charge is low, the system may not correctly dehumidify the air.

Over-sized System

If your A/C frequently turns on and off on top of dehumidifying the air improperly, it might be too large for your home. The high-powered system cools the air at such a fast rate that the air does not spend enough time moving over the evaporator coil to be dehumidified. Then, when your home has reached the desired temperature and the thermostat shuts off the cooling, a lot of humidity remains in the air.

Dirt and Debris in the System

One of the best ways to prevent damage to your system is to ensure that it is clean and clear of dirt and debris. When the coils are covered in dust, you cannot expect it to work efficiently, and one of the possible consequences is lack of dehumidification.

If you suspect your air conditioning system is not dehumidifying as it should, don’t ignore it! Make sure everything is performing efficiently by contacting Heatmasters for repair services.



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