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AttiCat Insulation

Has it been a while since you last even thought about the state of your attic’s insulation?
If you can’t remember the last time you insulated, or if your energy bills are increasing despite your ongoing efforts to conserve, it might be time to reinsulate your attic.

Why Choose AttiCat® Spray-on Insulation?

An increasing number of Chicago homeowners have turned to loose-fill fiberglass insulation, or AttiCat® insulation. This remarkably-efficient process uses specialized blowing machines to spray in a patented type of fiberglass foam insulation, as opposed to laying down traditional rolls or batts of fiberglass, which can age quickly and leave gaps unaddressed.

The result is a much more tight seal of attics, crawlspaces, and other areas commonly known for improperly or poorly-insulated air seals and gaps. Unlike the more traditional method of laying down rolls of fiberglass insulation, this advanced process blows insulation deep into the most hard to reach pockets, cracks and crevices. Once sprayed, the compounds expand to increase protection against heat, moisture, mold and other potentially-pathogenic compounds.

A Safe & Efficient Alternative to Conventional insulation

  • The most effective method of attic insulation in Chicago
  • Renowned for its ability to prevent loss of heat & conditioned air
  • AttiCat® Insulation is affordable on most budgets
  • Extend the life of your A/C and attic structural integrity
  • A wise way to help reduce your monthly heating & cooling bills
  • Blown-in insulation Pays for itself almost instantly

The benefits of spray attic insulation extend far beyond the eco realm. It’s also a great way to minimize dust and airborne residue, by providing a tight seal that expands once in place. The materials used are completely safe for your family, and many families report cleaner air throughout their home as a result.

AttiCat® attic insulation is perfect for homeowners looking to stay in their home for years to come, as it’s been shown to significantly outlast those who use traditional fiberglass insulation rolls. It’s also an excellent selling point if you’re moving. Worry less about whether or not your home is properly insulated, while enjoying the ongoing benefits of a more comfortable climate and lower utility expenses.

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